Migration tax return (M-form) & Expats

If you come to the Netherlands (immigrate) or leave the Netherlands (emigrate) it is likely that you are confronted with a letter from the Belastingdienst which states that you have to submit a so-called M-form (Migration form). This will be followed by a paper-booklet, which is often very extensive and complex.

It is also possible that the Dutch Belastingdienst does not notify you about submitting a migration tax return which may lead to you missing out on up to thousands of euros in tax refunds.


VanOoijen tax advisors has a lot of International experience and is affiliated with the international partnership group called the INAA (The Association of International Accountants & Auditors).

This international network enables us to quickly call in a foreign tax specialist, regardless of where you or your company is located. VanOoijen Tax Advisors can help you with the following tax matters:

  • Preparing, submitting, checking and advising on a migration income tax return (M-form) for immigration and emigration;
  • Preparing and submitting a declaration for non-resident taxpayer status (C-form);
  • Preparing and submitting a global income statement (opgaaf wereldinkomen);
  • Requesting, transferring and arranging the 30%-ruling;
  • Support with VAT returns both within and outside Europe;
  • International tax advice on which country has the taxation rights based on international treaties;
  • Tax advice on social security and pensions from abroad;
  • Providing and maintaining a correspondence address with the tax authorities when you are staying abroad;
  • Support in submitting a request for termination of the withholding obligation for payroll taxes.


We can make sure that you do not miss out on any tax refunds by making optimal use of international taxation options. Furthermore, we check that you pay the correct taxes and social contributions in the right counties based on international tax treaties.

For tax advise we charge an hourly rate starting from € 110 (excluding value added tax). For a migration tax return we charge € 550 (excluding value added tax) on avarage.

From tax advice to all your Dutch tax returns, VanOoijen Tax Advisors can take care of all your fiscal obligations in the Netherlands. For more information you can contact us.