Tax and accounting services for foreign companies and expats

VanOoijen Accountants and Tax Advisors offers tax and accounting services for (international) clients operating in The Netherlands. We do audits, compilation of accounts, corporation tax returns, tax advice and give administrative assistance. 

The majority of our clients are family owned businesses in a wide variety of industries. We are licensed to conduct (legal) audits as we have a permit from the Dutch Authorities of Financial Markets (AFM). Currently we conduct some 30 legal audits and 15 audits on a voluntary basis. Our partners have background with the Big4 companies and have many years of experience. Together with 15 accountants and 5 tax specialist, our office size enables us to have all the necessary tax and accounting knowledge in-house and offer continuity in our services. Furthermore our size safeguards short and direct communication lines. 

Adriaan Daniels (tax partner) was board member of the INAA Group between 2016 and 2020. The INAA Group aims to provide their clients with an unparalleled level of professional service in accountancy, taxation and associated services on a worldwide basis. To achieve this the members work closely together to exchange knowledge and working practices all over the globe.

International companies 

We have a number of clients which are Dutch subsidiaries of global multinational firms. These Dutch subsidiaries frequently look for a local audit firm with short communication lines, have local knowledge and can act as a liaison for local tax authorities. They wish to have their yearly reporting package for consolidation or sometimes just their statutory accounts audited by a local firm. These firms are often just too small for one of the Big4 companies and therefore don’t get the level of attention from their audit firm as desirable. At VanOoijen Accountancy & Tax advisory you will get the expertise you expect from a Big4 company but the attention and response of a local firm.

Expats and income tax returns

If you come to the Netherlands (immigrate) or leave the Netherlands (emigrate) it is likely that you are confronted with a letter from the Belastingdienst which states that you have to submit a so-called M-form (Migration form) income tax return. This will be followed by a paper-booklet, which is often very extensive and complex. It is also possible that the Dutch Belastingdienst does not notify you about submitting a migration tax return which may lead to you missing out on up to thousands of euros in tax refunds or unfulfilled tax obligations.

VanOoijen tax advisors has a lot of International experience and is affiliated with the international partnership which enables is to check with tax advisors in other countries related to your situation. We make sure that you do not miss out on any tax refunds by making optimal use of international taxation options and check that you pay the correct taxes and social contributions in the right counties based on international tax treaties.

For a migration tax return we charge a rate starting at € 500 (excluding value added tax).

If you need assistance with other tax related matters, like the 30% ruling, it is also possible to scedule a tax advice meeting at our office with two of our tax specialist. For a tax advice meeting we charge a rate starting at € 300 (excluding value added tax).

If you are looking for a local tax and accountancy firm with high standards you can call our office or contact us to scedule a meeting with one of our specialists. Our office is located at Haarlem which is only a 20 minute drive from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.