VanOoijen Accountants and Tax Advisors

VanOoijen is an accountants and tax consultancy firm founded in 1996 and based in Haarlem with around 25 employees. We focus mainly on entrepreneurs, family businesses and high net worth individuals. Due to the size of our office, we have sufficient scope and knowledge to serve entrepreneurs well. With around 30 statutory audits VanOoijen has a relatively large audit portfolio in addition to a substantial compilation and tax consultancy practice.

This size also offers continuity of service, while maintaining short lines of communication. 'Working with pleasure, cooperation and transparency' are core concepts of our office culture. A personal approach with the time and attention you deserve are a matter of course.

Income tax return 2022

Starting from March 1st 2023 You can file the income tax return 2022. Your situation may have changed due to special events, such as emigration, immigration, divorce or divorce, the death of your partner, the purchase/sale of your primairy residence or (the start of) a sole proprietorship. Or maybe you think it is wise to entrust the finances to a tax specialist with a view to the future. For whatever reason you may want to have the tax return drawn up by a tax specialist this year. Regardless of the situation or the reason, VanOoijen Accountants & Belastingadviseurs in Haarlem is happy to assist you and can prepare and submit your income tax return 2022.

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