Joost (J.M.) Göbel MSc

Position: Tax specialist (NOB-member)
Education: Tax economics (UvA)
E-mail address:

My experience

During my education, fiscal economics at the University of Amsterdam, I worked at the Tax Administration Office on the income tax, corporate tax and sales tax departments. The work experience with the Tax Authorities has been of great significance for my fiscal insight and knowledge of tax law. In addition to my tax studies, I also started a business, both within and outside the Netherlands, and I am always looking for opportunities and possibilities, with the basic principle: problems exist to be solved.


In 2018 I started at VanOoijen tax advisors in Haarlem and completed the post-master course at the Dutch Order of Tax Advisors (NOB). Due to my previous work experiences, my specialty lies with  sole proprietorships, international tax law and the tax equity legislation regarding real estate. I am always available when a client needs us, even in the evening or at weekends. VanOoijen gives me the freedom to further develop myself in taxation and technology. For example, I built our website and they gave the freedom to further develop my knowledge of E-commerce.


Because of the size of our office and the optimal mutual cooperation, the lines of communication are short and clients receive the personal support they may expect from a specialized firm. Especially this personal contact makes the work interesting and varied. I give my clients tax advice on all tax aspects that they may encounter: from income tax to corporation tax and from wage tax to inheritance tax. My motto is therefore: quality is not a coincidence, but a result of cooperation and expertise.