VanOoijen Belastingadviseurs in Haarlem

Als u op zoek bent naar persoonlijke en kwalitatief uitstekende fiscale dienstverlening in de omgeving van Haarlem, Heemstede, Aerdenhout, Bloemendaal en Zandvoort, dan heten wij u graag welkom.

Sinds 1996 verzorgen wij een breed scala aan fiscale diensten voor particulieren, ondernemers en bedrijven in de regio. U kunt bij ons terecht voor het verzorgen van belastingaangiften en belastingadviezen op-maat van academisch opgeleide en ervaren belastingadviseurs. 

Onze adviseurs hebben veel ervaring met de voor u belangrijke financiële en fiscale vraagstukken, zoals Inkomstenbelasting, Loonbelasting, Vennootschapsbelasting, Dividendbelasting, Erfbelasting en Schenkbelastingen. Wanneer u even het spoor bijster bent maken wij voor u inzichtelijke berekening hoeveel belasting u verschuldigd bent en hoe de belasting is opgebouwd.


Why a VanOoijen tax advisor?

Our approach is that you do not receive lengthy reports that you have had to wait weeks for and that also cost a fortune, but fast and practical advice that can be used immediately in clear language that has considered your situation and wishes.

  • VanOoijen can advise you on tax issues. Whether this concerns paying off your mortgage, taking care of a tax return in connection with death or starting a business, tax implications loans with family members or other family circumstances such as birth, marriage and death. VanOoijen Tax Advisers is at your service.
  • Financial and tax services under one roof: in addition to their own professional knowledge, our tax specialists also have a broad financial background. Your assets are viewed both fiscally and financially. 
  • VanOoijen has a transparent relationship with the tax authorities through horizontal monitoring, which means that we can prevent unnecessary disputes more quickly together with our clients.
  • One point of contact for all your tax matters: our tax specialists all have broad tax knowledge, plus one or two specialisms. With us you get your own tax advisor, so that the lines of communication remain short and you quickly know where you stand.
  • For very specific issues we work together with various partners such as Schut & Bruggink Estate Planners, Felixx for payroll assignments and Less Gray for VAT issues. In addition to Accountancy and Taxation, this allows us to oversee the entire spectrum for you and thus achieve an optimal tax result for you.


We believe in clear price agreements in advance for most of our tax services. We make price agreements with you in advance, so that you know where you stand with us.

Tax returns

For an income tax return (with tax partner), we charge a rate starting at € 350 (excluding VAT). This rate depends on your personal tax situation. For example, if you bought a new home and you have not used the full excess value to finance this home or if you have migrated during the year, we charge a rate starting at € 500 (excluding VAT).

For the income tax return for entrepreneurs with a sole proprietorship or partnership, we apply a rate starting at € 500 to € 1,000 (excluding VAT).

We charge a rate starting at € 350 (excluding VAT) for the corporate income tax return or gift & inheritance tax return. 


Tax advice

We  invite you for a tax advice meeting at our office. For a tax consultation meeting we charge a fixed basic rate of € 250 (excluding VAT). During the tax consultation, we discuss your tax situation and answer your tax questions. After the consultation, you can decide for yourself whether you need additional support.

For more extensive tax issues we charge an hourly rate starting at € 120 to € 245 (excluding VAT).